Publishing on Medium is Intimidating

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I’ve wanted to publish on Medium for over three years but, for various reasons, couldn’t muster the courage or momentum to do so.

In this article, I will share what I learned by not publishing and introduce myself to the Medium community.

A little About Me

I’m a single Dad from Texas. I’m about to turn 39 years old. My twenties were spent drinking beer and playing heavy metal guitar in bands, but mostly drinking beer. I struggled with substance addiction for over twenty years before finally (hopefully) giving it up for good.

Despite my addiction issues, I did manage to obtain a Master’s degree in Sociology. I attended Texas A&M for my undergraduate, and my Master’s is from Sam Houston State University.

What Kept Me from Publishing

I’ve known I wanted to start publishing on Medium for a while, so why haven’t I?

The biggest thing holding me back was my substance use issues.

My life was such a mess that I wasn’t capable of holding down a basic job. First and foremost, I had to get sober before making any changes in my life.

But, more than this, self-doubt and self-consciousness have been my enemy.

My goal is to make a living as a freelance writer and use Medium as a launching point for my career. Medium is the perfect place to showcase my work, build up a portfolio, and get feedback from other writers.

But self-doubt causes me to question my decision. I start to believe that I’m not good enough, and so there is no point in even trying.

Self-consciousness is also an obstacle. I have an easy source for inspiration from my struggles with addiction and a wealth of stories and information to impart based on my experience. But it is scary to share about something so personal.

Adopting a Realistic Perspective

If I don’t try, I’ll never be successful. And the more I practice, the better I’ll be. Concentrating on this is an excellent antidote to self-doubt. Success is possible, but only if I put in the effort.

Regarding self-consciousness, that presumes I’ll get any attention on here at all. The majority of people publishing on Medium aren’t getting that many views. Being judged is the cost of being noticed. Furthermore, everyone has problems. I respect and admire others who can be open about their struggles, so there is no reason for me to hide my own.

Cultivating and maintaining a positive attitude, changing my perspective, was necessary for me to take this step and start publishing here on Medium.

The Take-Away

So, what I’ve learned over the last few years is to quit overthinking everything and take the plunge.

Also, I had to get my personal life in order before making the lifestyle changes necessary to adopt a daily writing habit and positive mindset required to take the risk of opening up publicly.




MA in Sociology, guitarist, person in recovery

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David Pate

David Pate

MA in Sociology, guitarist, person in recovery

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